Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trekell Brushes Featured Artist

For the month of March, I am the featured artist on the Trekell Brushes website. Trekell manufactures top-quality brushes for artists and sells them through their website at extremely reasonable prices. I've been using them for years after another artist recommended that I try them and they're the only things on my palette right now. Great stuff. They supply both bristle and sable brushes in all sizes and shapes. I particularly like the filbert sables in a wide variety of sizes.

I recently bought some of the Kolinsky watercolor sables and they are amazing. When I first went away to art school, my painting instructor insisted that we use Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes for all our paintings and these Trekell brushes match them in every way except for the exorbitant price. Some of my new brushes haven't even been unwrapped as I admire their craftsmanship so much that I can't even bring myself to use them. I'm planning to start a piece that will give me the opportunity to use them for the first time and I can't wait to get started.

Check out the archive of featured artists on the Trekell site and you'll see one of my favorite artists, William Whitaker. His figure paintings of beautiful young women are quite graceful and show a tremendous amount of brush control and seamless painting skills. Beautiful stuff.

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